Here are just a few questions you may want answers to. However, we are always happy to speak to you if you want further information. You can contact us by giving us a call on 01664 822397 or by sending us an email to info@arpeetstoves.co.uk.

What are the benefits of a wood stove?

Environmentally Friendly

Stoves are an environmentally friendly form of heating. The carbon released when you burn wood in a stove is the same as that absorbed by the tree during growth, making stoves effectively carbon neutral when your wood is sustainably sourced. Ecodesign stoves set a new standard for clean wood burning by reducing particulate emissions by 90% when compared to an open fire. Some useful information on Ecodesign can be found on the SIA website. To find out which of our stoves are Ecodesign please contact us. 

Alternative source of warmth

Many people choose a stove to have a source of heat that is independant from their oil, gas or electricity supply.

High Efficiency

Stoves are highly efficient, often around 70-80%, which means your fuel will last a lot longer and provide you with a lot more heat than an open fire.


Theres nothing quite like the relaxing atmosphere created by the flickering flames of a woodburning stove. Creating a focal point for any room, stoves are attractive to look at as well as efficient.

How do I choose the stove thats right for me?


It is very important to get a stove with an output that is suitable for your room. A stove that is too powerful will be less efficient, the airwash will struggle and you will get more deposits building up in the chimney. A stove that isnt powerful enough will of course not provide enough heat to keep the room warm and you may risk overfiring your stove in an attempt to achieve that temperature.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to working out the required output for a stove. We will take in to account the size of your room, insulation value, number of doors in to the room, the number of external walls etc. If you give us a call or come down to our showroom we can tell you exactly what output stove you need.

Cast Iron or Steel?

Stoves are generally made of either steel or cast iron. Both materials have slightly different properties and can be a factor in deciding which stove is best for you.


We are always very competitive when it comes to price, however, prices do vary so this could be a factor when you choose your stove.

Fuel type

Some stoves burn only wood, some can also burn smokeless fuel and some are gas or electric.


All stoves perform differently, some stoves keep the glass cleaner than others, some are more controllable, etc. We test as many stoves as possible so we can advise you on each stoves characteristics.


Stoves come in many different styles, both traditional and contemporary. Why not have a look through the stoves on our website to get a taste of whats available.

Other frequently asked questions

What information should I bring with me when I come to your showroom?

Please bring the dimensions of your room and fireplace with you.

I dont have a chimney in my property, is it possible for me to have a stove?

Yes, you may require an insulated flue system. Speak to us about this and we will be happy to talk you through your options.

Im in a smokeless zone, can I still have a woodburning stove?

Yes, some stoves are Defra Approved to allow you to legally burn wood in a smokeless zone. If you mention this to us we can point out to you which models these are. To find out if you are in a smokless zone visit https://www.uksmokecontrolareas.co.uk

Who can install my stove?

An experienced Hetas registered installer should fit a woodburning or multifuel stove. If you are considering a gas stove then the installer should be Gas Safe registered. Give us a call and we can arrange an installation quote.

What are the benefits of a gas stove?


A gas stove can easily be turned on and will quickly provide localised heat to your room. Remote controls are also available so your stove can be controlled in comfort.


A gas stove or fire with a cheery, flickering flame will create a cosy atmosphere in any room.

High Efficiency

Glass fronted gas stoves and fires are highly efficient, with efficiencies around 80% they are a very cost effective form of heating.

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