Woodwarm Fireview 9Kw

Woodwarm 9Kw

The original Fireview stove. The 9Kw has a larger firebox and still retains the unique Woodwarm cleanburn air wash system. As on all the Fireview stoves the fully riddling grate allows easy ash removal from the ash box area. This stove is also available with straight sides or a Profile Flat Top if required.

Woodwarm Fireview 9Kw

Fuel Type: Multifuel

Output: 9kW (also available with boiler, see boiler stoves for details)

Net Efficiency: On wood: 78.5%

Max Log Length: 430mm (16.9")

Dimensions: 640 x 676 x 385mm* (w x h x d)

* Based on stove having a Flat Top.


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