Stovax Riva 66

Stovax Riva 66

Not only will this magnificent landscape cassette fire provide you with significant heating capacity but it will also be a stunning focal point in your living room. Although it is possible for the Riva™ 66 to be fitted into certain 'fireplace openings', to achieve such installations the deep versions of the Profil frames may be required to accomodate the extra depth of the firebox. Alternatively, this model is ideal for new-build homes, barn conversions or where major refurbishment is taking place, and a larger opening can be constructed.

If you expect to burn smokeless fuel then, due to the larger firebox, a smokeless fuel 'reducing' kit must be fitted. Not only does this decrease the amount of fuel you need to load but it will also guide the fuel and cinders towards the grate for improved combustion. However, you may still burn wood with equal efficiency.

You can optimise the heating potential of the Riva™ 66 with two accessories. Firstly, a fan-assisted convection kit, which boosts warm air entering the room at the flick of a switch. Secondly, a ducting system that diffuses some of the heat to other points in the same room or into other living spaces. Or install both the fan and ducting system for ultimate heat distribution.


Stovax Riva 66

uel Type: Multifuel

Output: 8Kw

Net Efficiency: 80%

Max Log Length: 450mm (18")

Flue Outlet: Top - 153mm (6") diameter

DEFRA Approved model available.

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