Stockton 14HB

Stockton 14HB

With an impressive 7kW heat output, the Stovax Stockton 14HB is the largest boiler stove in the stockton range. The Stockton 14HB wood burning and multifuel boiler stove can also provide up to 14kW of heat to a boiler and is capable of supplying 19 standard sized radiators. 

This large firebox boiler stove is designed to accept logs 600mm long and has the potential to produce a considerable heat output.

With a choice of four colours and an opitonal log tray, the Stockton 14HB boiler stove is available in either a multifuel or a wood burning.

Stockton 14HB

Fuel Type: Wood only or multifuel

Ouput: To room 7kW To water 14kW

Net Efficiency: wood burning 66% multifuel 72%

Max Log Length: 600mm

Dimensions: 803 x 723 x 518mm (w x h x d)

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