Morso Owl


Morso Owl

The Morso Owl is equipped with a state of the art tertiary combustion system. Designed to be distinctive and elegantly simple, the 6.5Kw Owl with its soft lines and rounded edges is a beautiful combination of British design and Danish craftsmanship.

The large single-door glass panel provides wonderful unobstructed closed-door fire viewing. Every Morso Owl stove has a heavy-duty ash pan that makes ash removal easy without the need to manually shovel ashes out of the firebox. Rear and bottom heat shields protect adjacent walls and floor giving you more flexibility for your hearth design and construction.

Morso Owl

Fuel Type: Multifuel

Output: 6.5 Kw

Net Efficiency: 80.1%

Max Log Length: 360mm (14")

Flue Outlet: Top or Rear - 159mm (6") diameter

Weight: 100kg

Dimensions: 487 x 688 x 490mm (w x h x d)

DEFRA Approved.

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