Franco Belge Montfort Elegance

Franco Belge Montfort Elegance

A second version of the Montfort stove, the Montfort Elegance also has a 5Kw output and a powerful airwash to ensure the glass stays clean.  The Montfort Elegance is a more contemporary design to the Classic model with a larger glass panel for a better view of the fire and it is less decorative in it’s styling. 
The Montfort Elegance has a vermiculite lined firebox to give a higher efficiency and brighter interior.  This model also has the ability to take it’s combustion air directly from the outside of the property and into the appliance which can prove very helpful if incorporating this stove into a new build property.
This model has now been DEFRA approved, meaning that you can burn wood in smoke controlled zones on this stove when the DEFRA kit is added to the stove prior to installation.


Franco Belge Montfort Elegance

Fuel Type: Multifuel

Output: 5Kw

Efficiency: 68.25%

Flue Outlet: Top or Rear - 125mm (5") diameter

Weight: 81kg

Dimensions: 454 x 550 x 382mm (w x h x d)

Also available: Montfort Classic

DEFRA Approved model available.


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