Gazco Radiance

Gazco Radiance

Gazco Radiance - Steel

With it's simple yet modern design, the backlit Gazco Steel frame compliments the Radiance beautifully to create an eye-catching showpiece with understated style. Presented in a smart Graphite finish, the Steel frame can also be customised with your choice of finishes.

The steel frame features state-of-the-art LED backlighting, emitting an ambient glow in 12 evocative colours. The remote control lets you set the radiance to smoothly and continuoulsy cycle through each colour, lock to your desired tint or turn them off altogether so you can simply enjoy the flames all by themselves.

Gazco Radiance - Glass

 The reflective solid glass frame makes a stylish addition to the Gazco Radiance wall mounted electric fire range. Available in either black or white glass, each perfectly encapsulating the Radiance's flickering amber or blue flame effects.

Fire Size        Heat output      Dimension

Radiance 50W   1 - 2kW*    980 x 670 x 175mm
Radiance 80W   1 - 2kW*    1280 x 670 x 175mm
Radiance 100W   1 - 2kW*    1480 x 670 x 175mm
Radiance 150W   1 - 2kW*    1980 x 670 x 175mm
Radiance 190W   1 - 2kW*    2380 x 670 x 175mm

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