Yeoman CL8 Gas

Yeoman CL8 Gas

The largest in our family of Gazco CL gas stoves, the CL8 has the same gently curving lines, control options and sophisticated stainless steel features as it's smaller counterparts but, with a heat output of up to 5.5kW, the CL8 is capable of providing ambient heat to larger rooms for the whole family to enjoy. With hand painted logs and an enticing glowing ember effect, the CL8's inviting flame picture is extended by the mirror-like qualities of the sides stainless steel fire lining, creating a bright and mesmerizing effect.

Gazco CL8 Gas

Fuel type: Gas (Natural Gas or LPG)

Output: Up to 5.6kW

Efficiency: Up to 84%

Dimensions: 553 x 604 x 364mm (w x h x d)

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