Charnwood Country 8

Charnwood Country 8

The Country 8 has always been a very poular choice of stove, delivering around 8Kw of heat to the room. Once again it has large twin doors that fold back against the stove and comes complete with a fixed front shelf. All the standard features apply: air wash, clean burn technology and brick firebox lining, as well as an optional canopy to transform its looks, riddling grate, back boiler and choice of colours.


Charnwood Country 8

Fuel Type: Multifuel

Output: 8Kw

Net Efficiency: 79.8%

Max Log Length: 380mm (15")

Flue Outlet: Top or Rear - 150mm (6") diameter

Weight: 105kg

Dimensions: 526 x 614 x 508mm (w x h x d)



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