Charnwood SLX45i

Charnwood SLX45i

The SLX45i has identical looks and features to that of the SLX20, but features a thermostatically controlled, integral boiler that delivers a heat output sufficient to power 8-9 radiators and ample hot water. Because it is fitted with a water temperature sensitive thermostat, heating controls can be fitted, to give heat precisely when and where it is needed. Also Available as a freestanding appliance with a choice of matt paint finish or gloss black vitreous enamel.

Charnwood SLX45i

Fuel Type: Multifuel

Output: To Room: 3.5Kw  To Water: 9.4Kw

Max Log Length: 370mm (14.5")

Flue Output: Top or Rear - 150mm (6") diameter

Weight: 135kg

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