Charnwood SLX20i

  Charnwood SLX20i


The Charnwood SLX20 is a multifuel stove with a more contemporary feel and sophisticated operation. It simplifies the real fire process: burning less fuel, more cleanly with maximum efficiency and low emmissions. It is available in a number of sizes to suit your specific heating needs: from a pure room heater through to full central heating. All this whilst retaining a simple, stylish look.


Charnwood SLX20i

Fuel Type: Multifuel

Output: 5.4Kw

Net Efficiency:  Wood - 75.7%   Smokeless Fuel - 72.1%

Max Log Length: 280mm (11")

Flue Outlet: Top or Rear - 150mm (6") diameter

Weight: 125kg


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